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Tracy Snead 
Life-Span Psychological Services


School Issues including motivation, behavioral, academic, and other potential risky behaviors.



Drug & Alchohol Addiction

Anger Management

School Consultant

Call  414-429-3416 to schedule an appointment.
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I Will Accept Cash Payments

My Qualifications

Master's of Science degree in Exceptional Education (M.Ed) University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Master's of Arts degree in Educational Administration (M.EL) Marian College - 
Masters Degree in Professional Counseling.
SMART Recovery Certified

My name is Tracy Snead.  I have three Master's Degrees:  Masters in Exceptional Education from UW Milwaukee,
Masters in Educational Administration from Marian University, and Masters in Professional Counseling from Concordia University.
I am a recently retired from Franklin Public Schools as an Alternative Education Facilitator.
I worked with students in Franklin High School that were at risk of not graduating.

It has always been my passion to work with people and guide them through their struggles.
Though I had been an educator for 32 years, I found that I enjoyed problem solving with parents, students and colleagues.
Therefore, I decided to delve into a second career in Counseling.

Please read My Creed, that will help you to understand my vision for you as my client.
I believe that as a client, you have the ability to change and work on making yourself and your situation better.
We will work on this journey together.

What Can You Expect?
You will provide me with information 
describing your needs.

We will develop a plan of 
action through setting goals that 
will assist you in making changes..

I will be with you as you choose 
to tear down the barriers that get in 
the way of reaching your goals, and 
building relationships.

I will help you find the best in you, by 
giving you guidance and a helping hand.

We will work together to build 
confidence and strength to make
the changes you seek to make.



Remote Counseling Is Available
You will have the ability to be in the privacy of your home, office, or wherever you feel safe and secure to share what you need to discuss.
We will do this through a video chat on GSuite.

Please Use The Following Steps:
+ Fill out the Intake Form
+ Choose the level of service and pay using Paypal
Level 1:  1 one hour session Total:  $50
Level 2:  3 one hour sessions Total:  $120  ($40 each session a savings of $10 per session)
Level 3:  5 one hour sessions Total:  $175 ($35 each session a savings of $15 per session)
If you choose more than one session, I will schedule all three or five sessions right away.

+ Once the form and payment have been confirmed, I will send you a calendar invite for your appointments.
Please Choose Accept Or Decline
At the time of your appointment, you will click on the calendar invite to be part of the conversation.

+ If you are using your phone for the video conference, please install the Google app
for "Hangouts" which is free, so that we can communicate through the video chat.

I am offering a 30 minute free consultation if you should need it, please indicate this on the intake form.

Please Read - Important


Payment Options
Everyone Needs A Helping Hand
Let Me Help You


To schedule an appointment.
Call  414-429-3416


"My Philsophy" 
I Believe

That all people can change

One set of counseling strategies does not
work for every situation, and therefore
I am a Generalist in my therapeutic approaches.

   In building a relationship, and working 
       as a partner of change with my clients.

That learning is essential
in developing change.

That change is hard, but worth
the time and effort.

in taking the time to explore new
paths, that will make a difference.

That silence is okay
and honesty will set you free.